In other news. QU Lacrosse shuttered.

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In other news. QU Lacrosse shuttered.

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Something really really bad must have been going on. AP picked up this story.

Quinnipiac University men's lacrosse team suspended
Published: Monday, 24 September 2018 11:20


HAMDEN - Quinnipiac University officials have confirmed that the school's men's lacrosse team has been suspended, effectively immediately.

In a statement issued Sunday by Lynn Bushnell, the school's vice president for public affairs, the suspension “prohibits all team activity, including practicing and representing the university in competitions.”

The team is being investigated for possible violations of the university's student conduct policy, which touches on everything from underage drinking to abuse. Bushnell says the “university has zero tolerance for any behavior that endangers any member of the university community.”

No further information about any possible violations was immediately provided.

The team's season is scheduled to begin in February.
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Re: In other news. QU Lacrosse shuttered.

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Couldn't have happened to a more deserving school ... :) ... story.html
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